Written by Aidel Areyi

Smyartour a company has expertise in travel and tourism, aviation, public transport and General Trading. The company was established on 7 June 2011 and, according to the administrative claim number 129 from the General Authority for tourism and travel registered in the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of municipalities and tourism and the Ministry of Transportation. 

Smyartour aims to develop tourism field in Kurdistan and reinforce it with all countries by organizing group tours and help with study tours for students and training camps for clubs and sports teams. 


Company Activities: 

The company's competencies 

* International transportation including: 

Daily transportation by bus to both Turkey and Iran via the company's own buses that also offer TV and Internet on board the bus. 

. We can supply cars for delegations and conferences in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and other countries abroad.


* Travel Tours / Vacation Packages: 

We have travel packages to countries (Turkey, Georgia, Malaysia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Russia, Dubai, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco). In these countries we have our own agents ensures that our travelers for the treatment and care they need within the entire travel period. 

It is well to note that we have the capacity to book hotel rooms all over the world and where there are more than 7000 different hotels to choose between quality and price.


* Ticket bookings: 

Smyartour offer flights booking via Iraqi Airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Fly Emirates, Royal Jordanian Airways, Egyptian airways both to and from Iraq and Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and Africa 

We can bring travelers from abroad to both Iraq and Kurdistan Region and from Kurdistan Region and Iraq to the world.


Visa services and academic seats:

The company delivers what is required for eradication of visas.

The company provides essential services for obtaining a visa to travel to Turkey, European countries, USA, Australia and African countries. 

Smyartour also offers health insurance for travel period. We are able to obtain financing for bachelor, master and PhD in Turkey, Ukraine, Lebanon, Egypt, Russia, Britain, Spain and Australia.


Other activities we offer
We can organize scientific trips for students and colleges including scientific applications and tourist recreation and prices are very suitable. 
We also organize training camps for clubs and sports teams in (Turkey. Georgia. Lebanon) or any country on demand and we offer suitable prices for each package.

Vehicle Services permits for vehicles to enter the Turkish territory