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welcome to the main website of Smyartour for travel and turism and aviation and daily transport and general trade 

Travel & Turism

Business trips

Our company has the possibility of providing various business conferences and exhibitions and management of various business groups both inside and outside the territory of Kurdistan with the presence of perfect interpreters and all hotel services, transportation and reception for the purpose of activating and developing the commercial sector.

Educational trips

We have the best consultants from carrying Dr. certificates and masters for the provision of educational consulting and book Academic seats in (Egypt - Turkey - Ukraine - Russia - Spain - Bologna - Britain - Germany)

Health trips

Our company offers best health services and patient treatment at the hands of doctors specialists in advanced hospitals in the field of medical services in ( Iran. India. Turkey . Europe )

Turism trips

Enjoy your vacation with sweeter areas in the world.
Our company provides Best Tourist Groups to Turkey and Armenia and Malaysia And other countries and offer the best tourist services and the best hotels and most beautiful tourist sites

Group Tours

We have the best tourism programs and providing the best of what is present in the world of tourism through the modern means of transport and aviation and organize the best tourist programs and providing distinctive hotels and buses and distinctive reception of dedicated staff in the field of tour guide


Daily Transport

Daily transport to Turkey and Iran, with the newest buses with exceptional service and hospitality, Internet and renting buses for delegates, conferences and Scientific travel  inside and outside the territory of Kurdistan and secure the latest small cars for transportation between cities in the region and beyond


Visa Services

Smyartour has possibility for Provide services to facilitate the process of obtaining a visa by facilitating the application procedure to obtain an entry visa for all countries of the world, both in the European continent, Australia and South or North America, Asian continent



Smyartour distinctive mark in the aviation world through submission services in this area and such case the existence of a dedicated staff with experience in booking passage An aviation and aircraft leasing delegations and Hajj and Umrah


Welcome To Kurdistan

We have the finest programs in Kurdistan region to receive foreign tourists to see the relics and heritage, culture and Kurdistan arts 



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